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Meth Chick at her best!Haven lost both of my sisters to drug use, I try to keep up to date with what is going on in the drug world for my own personal knowledge. Let me be clear though, I consider addicts to be their own victim, I have no pity for them what-so-ever. They have made decisions for their own selfish reasons, day after day, week after week and year after yet to continue using their drugs of choice. They are no longer a fellow human being in my mind but empty shells of who they once where. They are the closest thing to a zombie, or a walking dead as you can get in the real world, nothing more, hence, deserve everything that happens to them.


Methamphetamine (also known as meth) is a psychostimulant drug that works by causing those to take it to feel extreme euphoria and excitement. It can be smoked, injected, snorted or ingested and the highs can last up to a day. Unlike Cocaine and Heroin, traditional hard drugs, meth is relatively cheap and its key ingredients, ephedrine or pseudoephedrins can only be produced by highly sophisticated manufacturing techniques that are only possible by nine companies worldwide. Hence, meth can be easily controlled off the marketplace if there was a global will and desire to do so.


I encourage you to view this video but here is a summary in the meantime:

  • key ingredient in meth (ephedrine) is also key ingredient in cold medicines, hence freely available for easy production
  • feel happy and euphoric when on but people loose themselves when they come back down after the drug effects have worn off
  • meth has a distinct effect on the physical appearance of addicts, teeth go missing, open sores on the face as the toxins get released by the body
  • meth turns people into a shell of what they once where
  • leading cause of property crime and child welfare cases in Oregon
  • epidemic has spread west from Oregon towards New York (East cost to West coast)
  • meth addicts are responsible for 85% of the crime rate in Oregon
  • meth is ultra-stimulant whose effects can last for up to a day
  • 50% of children in foster care are due to meth addicted parents, sometimes referred to as meth orphans as a result
  • dopamine release into the brain due to meth use leads to 12x increase, brain changes as a result of this extreme release, hence everything seems blah when not on, very difficult to get any type of euphoric or happy feelings
  • thought to be the most addictive drug in its class
  • crystal meth is considered a super-amphetamine, is cheap and easy to cook
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) tries to go after key ingredients instead of cook labs but pharmaceutical industry so far have resisted due to the impact it may have on their profits
  • meth labs come in all sizes, from one bedroom trailers to highly automated and advanced factories (superlabs)
  • batches take 48 hours to produce and lead up to 100 pounds of meth which equals 4 million dollars of net profit
  • you cannot grow meth, unlike marijuana, heroin and cocaine, hence its easily susceptible to enforcement measures as only nine factories in the world produce they key ingredient (ephedrine)
  • as meth purity declines, so does meth use and ability for addicts to kick the habit
  • pseudoephedrine and ephedrine are interchangeable, when the United States banned ephedrine sales over the counter, labs simply changed key ingredients but this lead to explosions and toxic materials being used as the recipe had to change
  • smurfing is how many labs got their key ingredient after the DEA kept taking their key ingredient away, basically, go to pharmacy and buy 3 packs of cold medicine and then repeat until you have the necessary supply
  • meth now using Mexican connections after the United States clamped down on supply of ephedrine / pseudoephedrine due to lack of regulation and enforcement
  • meth is the most abused drug in the world, there are more addicts of meth then cocaine and heroin combined

The Bottom Line

Drug addiction is a choice, directly or indirectly, the addicts only have themselves to blame for their circumstances.


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